Player Code of Conduct

As a Player, I will:
- Train and play to the best of my ability
- Win without boasting; Accept defeat with dignity and class
- Have a positive attitude and never quit
- Respect officials and accept their decisions without question
- Only give encouragement to my fellow teammates
- Exemplify sportsmanship
- Attend and be prompt to all games and practices
- Respect myself, my coach, teammates and opponents
- Learn and obey the laws of the game
- Notify the coach / team manager if I will be tardy for or unable to attend a game, training session, or team meeting
- Learn the rules, policies and procedures of the Team and Club

I will never:
- Engage in dissent directed toward an official
- Use a controlled substance (drugs) unless prescribed by a physician
- Participate in excessive and irresponsible horseplay
- Make excuses if my team loses a game
- Forget that I represent the White Eagles S.C.

Fan / Supporter Code of Conduct

As Fan / Supporter, I will:
- Be encouraging, supportive and affirmative in regard to my child?s play on the field
- Support the coach, manager and the team
- Respect officials and accept their decisions, (right or wrong)
- Familiarize myself with the Laws of the Game
- Comply with rules, policies and procedures of the Team and Club as they apply to me
- Refrain from ?coaching? on the sidelines

I will never:
- Engage in dissent directed toward a game official
- Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or manager
- Engage in any kind of type of un-sportsman like conduct with any official, coach, player or parent
- Act in any manner that is detrimental to your child, any player, the Team or White Eagles S.C.

Coaches Code of Conduct

- Teach players fair play, integrity, fairness and respect
- Promote respect through your words and actions, for the rules of the game, officials and their decisions, your players, opponents, and parents - Be encouraging, positive and constructive in your words and actions
- Show up for games and practices prepared and on time
- Inform parents of any injuries their child might have suffered in a game or practice
- Continue to develop your coaching skills be selective in the amount of instructions you give players during a game.

We would like to reference the Code of Conduct from Ottawa South United Soccer Club.
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